What if you could make a positive impact on the wellbeing of the kids in your school? Help them stay healthier so they can do all the awesome things that kids do? You can.

Anyone Can Help Kids Be More Awesome

Everyone can agree that healthy schools are important, but if you're not the one in charge of making decisions for your school or district, what can you do?


Share this with someone who is.


Teach your Kids to wash, wipe, sanitize.


Lead by example and wash, wipe, sanitize every time.

I'm Ready to Take Action!

To do well, students have to be well.

Studies have shown that kids miss on average 4.5 days a year due to illness. How much does absenteeism cost your school? Calculate Now!

The Simple Math of Germs

One student can transfer germs to up to six other kids. And those six spread to six. And so on. Break the chain of transmission and give your kids the tools and education they need to stay healthier.